NONE - not even a master password
All you need is your PassFile


PassFile eliminates

password weakness

password reuse

difficult to remember

difficult to type


shared secrets

credential replay

written passwords

security questions

lost or stolen tokens

staff changing passwords

exposed email addresses


fingerprint id

face id

voice recognition

typing behaviour

PassFile is a replacement for "username and password".

Any type of file ... an image, a song, a spreadsheet, whatever has personal meaning to you, can be used.

The interface is straitforward. All that is seen is the button. All you need next is 1 click to choose your file. Every different file has a unique "fingerprint" that is used to generate an identifier and an authenticator to admit a user to a website.

Your unique PassFile is never revealed to any website.

Thats it! A simple, easy to use, easy to remember file that is on your device amongst many other files with a backup saved on different devices under your control only.

To See what your identifier (username / email address) and your authenticator (password) would look like if you were able to use 1 simple PassFile, click the Login button above.

Test it again by choosing a different file and see the difference in the values!

PassFile promotes

ease of use

strong credentials

support for visually impaired

easy deployment on any device

support for physically impaired

email address protection

Formidable Encryption under Your control

An encryption key is basically a password and for fear of forgetting that key, users rely on easier to remember, shorter keys that remain unsafe.

We use the PassFile in a certain way to provide an encryption key with formidable strength that you do not need to remember or to type in.

Businesses claim they use encryption to protect your files BUT as long as the encryption key is owned and controlled by someone else, the user has no protection. Data breaches worldwide confirm this as a fact.

Kaspersky Labs website indicates a period of over 10,000 centuries to break the encryption of any file that uses a PassFile as an encryption key.

PassFile combined with Blockchain creates a digital fortress
In its simplest form blockchain refers to a particular structure of a database where each entry is mathematically tied to the previous entry and the next entry, by using hash values.

This gives a strong method of identifying if any records in the database and any related files, have been changed or deleted. This gives a warning to software management that something may be wrong.

A classic blockchain database offers certainty to businesses that they have a reliable audit trail to follow if foul play is suspected.

Data and File Management Systems are used by every business in some form or another, and if the information and files are important enough to keep, they should be important enough to protect with formidable protection. This is especially important when storage is moved offsite to the cloud.

We combine the reliability of the blockchain structure with the formidable strength of PassFile encryption to ensure that even when highly sensitive records are stored remotely, those records can never be read by bad players. Any change or replacement of files or records, which in the first place cannot be identified because they cannot be read, will trigger a warning of interference, either external or internal.

When this method of storage is used together with correct coding practices, a Digital Fortress has been created. That is what we do.

Our example, PaperChain, can be seen here.